Flooring & Decking

Bodecco’s expertise lies in wooden flooring and decking solutions. We offer sustainable wood ranging from Merbau, Bankirai, Teak, Ironwood, and Kempas to cover both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Design & Finishing

Our wooden flooring is designed with “tongue-and-groove” joints so that it can be fitted together edge-to-edge effortlessly. Outdoor decking panels are typically curved in 2 (two) point (E2E) or 4 (four) corners (E4E) with the provisions of point 3 mm minimum bend (R3) and a smooth or reeded (anti-slip) surface.

Quality & Certification

We ensure our wood panels are properly dried (18% moisture content) and treated (protected from fungi and parasites) to increase durability and minimize maintenance. All wood types Bodecco offers is properly selected and legally sourced with the correct certifications.

Production & Export

Our production facilities are located in Semarang, Indonesia directly at the source of the finest tropical hardwood and close to international shipping facilities. 

  • Production time is 60 – 90 days after receiving the down-payment (50%)
  • Production time includes Kiln drying process (14 – 21 days)
  • Remaining balance payment is done after email/telex copy of shipping documents
  • All prices are in USD and incl. FOB from Semarang port (incl. fumigation and packaging)
  • Shipping is not included in the price
  • MOQ is one (1) 40ft container.
We always strive to take our clients with us through every step of the production process.
- Simon Frank (Chief Production)

Bodecco is strictly not exporting wood logs. According to the Minister of Forestry- and the Minister of Industry & Trade- of the Republic of Indonesia wood logs are not allowed to be exported.

Documents Provided :

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin (COO)
  • Certificate of Fumigation
  • Certificate of FLEGT