About Us

Bodecco is an eco-friendly furniture & flooring manufacturer located in the heart of Indonesia. Hand-made by local artisans for wholesale and commercial projects since 2003.

Our team is a collective of passionate individuals born in Europe with Indonesian heritage, sharing the common interest of representing local craftsmanship to a global audience.

To produce eco-friendly furniture that has a positive impact on the people and the planet.

Combining modern technology with traditional artisanship is the first step in creating sustainable furniture while taking responsibility for improving everyday lives. We believe aesthetic longevity cannot be achieved without high-quality design, superior manufacturing methods, and premium materials that are sourced locally.

To give any business or individual a fair chance to acquire sustainable furniture & flooring systems directly from the source.

Sustainability is not a project, but a corporate attitude. It informs our decision-making, our processes, our designs, and our work ethic. Our local artisans work with sustainably harvested materials that are treated without chemicals to minimize environmental impact. We provide healthy and future-oriented work conditions for all staff – offering employees what it achieves for its customers. We can always do better and strive to reduce our ecological footprint even further.

The 'Bodecco Policy'

Represents – the company’s code of conduct – which formulates a common understanding of respectful and responsible behaviour to be adopted among Bodecco employees and also, in their dealings with society and the environment.

The training and development of employees in an inspirational setting that promotes creativity, productivity and well-being is, therefore, a key priority of our current and future success.
Behind Bodecco

The Collective

At Bodecco we believe culture should be built from the inside out. Growth, customer focus and performance have many metrics. But we believe the most important element is the satisfaction of our people. The feeling of being empowered to produce our best results in every craft we evoke. That’s why we have created a set of values: the foundation of our collective culture and shared success. We call it – The Bodecco Way